Anti-Ragging Cell

Dear Fresher,

Warm greetings and hearty congratulations on getting admission at T. B. Kadam College, Bharne. You have decided to study at one of the best academic institutes in this state, We assure you that with the kind of academic and extra-curricular infrastructure we have, you are about to embark on a special voyage that will offer you some of the best moments you have ever lived through and which you will cherish for the rest of your life. The atmosphere on the campus is unique and we are sure you will enjoy it and make the best use of it.

Rest assured that our academic standards are rock solid and are attaining newer heights every day. We are always ranked well among the institutes in the country and this year is no exception. Every effort is continually made to enhance the student life that you are going to be part of as soon as you arrive. We sincerely hope that you do take part in some of the numerous NSS and cultural activities that are routinely on offer during the year. We strongly urge you to blend the studies and play (and cultural activities) with the right balance, and use this opportunity to build a well-rounded personality by the time you graduate. We also urge you to take note of the rules and regulations that exist for all of us here – we are referring to both academic guidelines and also the rules for conduct and discipline. We strongly believe that education teaches us not only how to think but the principles by which to live. You will find us here to be loving and compassionate and at the same time professional, firm in dealing with violators of our code of discipline and conduct. Having fun is human, but please be a responsible citizen. Please be firm to say no to any act of ragging, we can eliminate this menace from our society only if all of us stand firm against it. We have a series of plans to deter such acts of ragging and we are quite sure we will be able to offer you an incident free stay so that you can concentrate on your primary objective of studying and enjoying the student life here in our institute. We have in place a strong mentor program me to help you tide over the early days here and lend you a helping hand when you need it most.
Our Anti Ragging Committee members, Anti Ragging Squad and Mentoring cell at the College will extend that critical support if you have a need for it. If you find the experience here at any time a little overwhelming (and there is nothing unusual about please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you, even if you have no problem as such. Just drop a line over email to say hello. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you need any help or if you need any clarification on any matter. Have a great time at our beloved institute. And the final word: remain focused on your primary job, do not go astray; if it appears that you are drifting away, and immediately get serious help.


  • To aware the students of dehumanizing effect of ragging inherent in its perversity.
  • To keep a continuous watch and vigil over ragging so as to prevent its occurrence and recurrence.
  • To promptly and stringently deal with the incidents of ragging brought to our notice.
  • To generate an atmosphere of discipline by sending a clear message that no act of ragging shall be tolerated and any act of ragging shall not go unnoticed and unpunished.



Sr. No Name Designation
1 I/C Principal J. K. Patel President
2 Prof. Mali S. D. Faculty Member Member
3 Smt. Patki Suvarna PSI, Representative from Police Dept. Member
4 Prof. Dalvi S. S. Faculty Representative Member
5 Prof. Bhandare S. V. Faculty Representative Member
6 Prof. Khatib N. S. Faculty Representative Member
7 Prof. V. Y. Chopade Faculty Representative Member
8 Prof. Khedekar S. S. Faculty Representative Member
9 Mr. Prabhu Divakar D. Media Representative Member
10 Mr. Kailas Mahadev Yadav Parent Representative Member
11 Miss Snehal Mukund Gupte Student Representative Fresher Member
12 Mr. Viki Vilas Ambede Student Representative Senior Member
13 Mr. P. P. Gamare Non-Teaching Representative Member

Anti-Ragging Committee Meetings & Minutes:


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Anti-Ragging Cell Annual Reports:


Sr. No. Name View
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2. Anti-Ragging Cell Annual Report-2016-17 View
3. Anti-Ragging Cell Annual Report-2017-18 View
4. Anti-Ragging Cell Annual Report-2018-19 View
5. Anti-Ragging Cell Annual Report-2019-20 View

Prof. S. D. Mali (Convenor)
Asst. Prof. in Chemistry
T. B. K. College, Bharne