Department of Economics established in our college on July 2004-05.

The Economics department is working under the social science faculty. This department makes Annual plan as per University norms and implements it strictly. In our department students take admission as per university rules.
Students coming to our college are from rural area and economically backward area, that’s why we try to guide them in the field of professional skills to fulfill their daily needs. We organize various extracurricular activities to enhance their knowledge. For this we conduct the tours to visit Laxmi industries, Bank, Self-help group etc.
To offer update knowledge, the department conducts various programs such as group discussion, seminars, Test management also motivates the teachers to enhance their research knowledge especially for participation in state, national, and international seminars and conferences.

Empowerment students through study of subject of economics.

  • To empower the student for placement.
  • To develop Overall Personality of the Students
  • To conduct socio-economic survey of Khed Taluka 2021
  • To organize workshop of economic subject in the year 2021
  • To Start Self-employment guidance center up to 2022
  • Qualified and Experience faculty members.
  • Students’ performance is outstanding in cultural and co-curricular activities of the college.
  • Research based activities.
  • Papers such as Micro and Marco Economics, Indian Economics and Development are introduced, which are useful for research.
  • The subject has great scope to achieve job opportunities in the following fields.
  • Government Departments: Indian Economic Services (IES) through UPSC.
  • Corporate Sector: Job titles such as Data Analysts, Financial Analyst, Research Analyst, Business Analyst, Economic Research Analyst, Market Analyst, etc.
  • Banks / Financial Institutions: Job at an entry level position in Bank, MNCs and research firms.
  • Teaching: One can appear for NET / SET exam to qualify for working as Assistant Professor / Associate Professor in College / University.
  • Research: One can opt for fellowship programme offered by IIMS and other Management institutes
  • Statistical Organizations: CSO, NSS offers jobs for graduates in Economics.
  • There is growing need for economists and experts in today’s dynamic world of economy. Economics has a vital role in one’s day to day life.
  • To understand and analyze Social, Political and Economic Life of an individual.
  • To get the knowledge of optimizing resource utilization and reduce wastages.
  •  To plan for economic development of a country and society’s overall prosperity.
  • To use resources in the best possible way for obtaining maximum profit.
  • To study the problem of poverty, population, unemployment, pollution of a country.

B.A. I year (Sem-I):

  • Micro Economics

B.A. I year (Sem-II):

  • Macro Economics

B.A. II Year (Sem-III):

  • Macro Economics I

B.A. II Year (Sem-IV):

  • Public Finance
  • Macro Economics II
  • Indian Economy

B.A. III Year (Sem-V):

  • Micro Economics III
  • Economics of Growth and development
  • Economics of Agriculture and co-operation

B.A. III Year (Sem-VI):

  • Macro Economics III
  • International Economics
  • Economics of Agriculture and co-operation

It is one of the departments in the college. It plays an important role in many activities. Every year results of UG classes are much better than University results. Many times our students have good ranking in competitive examination. Our past students are working in Research, Academics and Industries

Economics department conducts study tour visit to industry from the year 2019-20. It is inspiring for the students to make carrier and identify job sector for them. Students of economics department also visit various banks to learn their process and job opportunities in banking sector.

Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Designation Tenure
1 Prof. V. Y. Chopade Assistant Professor and Head 2004 to till today
2 Prof. U.M. Warvatkar Assistant Professor 2004 to till today
3 Prof. N. S. Khatib Assistant Professor 2011 to till today
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4. S.Y.B.A.-Sem-IV-macro-economics-II- View
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