Cultural Activity

Efforts are made by the Department of Cultural Affairs to develop the all-round personality of the students and to give the exposure to the hidden talents in them. Cultural department give them chance to present their skills on the stage. Especially emphasis is given on the awakening about the social and national ethics is done through many programs and thus the objectives of the college are achieved. To summarize students all round development is the motto and mission of the department and the department is marching ahead with this goal in the mind.

  • To facilitate the overall development of students personality. To bring out, develop and utilize the constructive intrinsic qualities of the students.
  • To develop students’ personality through cultural programs.
  • To plan the birthdays and the death anniversaries, days of national importance with activities like debating, various competitions, Essay contests and allied arts and crafts.
  • To celebrate national and international programs, festivals and days.
  • To act in collaboration with the university department of cultural activities.
  • Conduct co-curricular activities as per guidelines provided by University and Government of Maharashtra.
  • To invite eminent scholars from outside for lectures on various current ideas and topics.
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Anuual Function

International Festival

Youth Festival

2015-16 Gold Medal in Youth Festival Mumbai University

2016-17 Consolation Prize Youth Festival Mumbai University

Gold Medal in Youth Festival Mumbai University

 Youth Festival Gold Medal in Mumbai University