The department of Geography was established in 2005.

The first batch of special Geography passed out its graduation examination in 2008 from Mumbai University. Right from the beginning geography has been taught at special level. Today our department is well equipped with all instruments SOI map, wall maps, maps, metrological instruments, I.M.D. weather maps, stereoscope, computer, Over Head Projector, various models on volcano, river feature etc.

The department has organized workshops which were beneficial to Geography teachers and students. The total number of past students of our department at special level is above 600. Many of whom have settled in corporate and private services and as teacher, advocate, banks, hoteliers, contractor and other fields

  • Students will be familiarized with economic processes such as globalization, trade and transportation and their impacts on economic, cultural and social activities.
  • Students will be introduced to demographic, social and cultural attributes such as migration, social relations and cultural identity. The main objective is to underline that human activities are subject to adaptation and change.
  • Students will learn about the variety of political systems and nation states which administratively subdivide the regions of the world. How human activities are regulated and under the jurisdiction of a variety of geographical units and how these relations shape the economic and social space are of particular relevance.
  • Students will gain a level of understanding about environmental systems such as climate and biogeography.
  • Students will be exposed to the nature of physical systems such as geomorphologic processes and natural hazards.
  • Students will be able to read and interpret information on different types of maps.
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