Student Council Cell

 Formation of student council takes place according to the directives received from Director, Student development (DSD), University of Mumbai every year. According to the directives class representatives (CR) are finalized. These CRs form the student council. Election for the post of ‘General Secretary’ (GS) takes place as per the schedule given by University. The details of GS elected are forwarded to the DSD office. The candidate may participate in University level student council election as per his/her will. Functioning of student council starts from the first meeting held under the chairmanship of Principal. The roles and responsibilities of the council members are explained to them. Also, student’s representatives on various committees in college are finalized in this meeting based on their qualities/expertise. They are introduced to the conveners of such committees at the end of the meeting.

Duties and Responsibilities of The Council

  • Smooth Conduction of the Institute Annual Day every year.
  • Smooth conduction of Foundation Day every year.
  • Conducting Fresher’s day every year.
  • Prevention of ragging on the campus through counselling senior students, helping the administration whenever necessary.
  • Suggesting the administration to improve the student amenities to improve their career and personality building.
  • Helping the administration in smooth conduct of student activities on the campus.
  • Guiding the junior and needy students to improve their technical, organizational and managerial skills by organizing seminars/ symposia/ workshops etc.
  • Encouraging innovative and creative skills of the under graduate and post graduate students

Representatives of student council while participating in meetings of various committees express their views regarding dates, nature of the activity in examination committee they suggest the timing of written paper, internal evaluation week, in NSS advisory committee CR recommend the topics for sessions in special camping, in WDC meetings lady representative take active participation and discussed issues related to them.
Meetings of the student council are held at regular interval. CRs discuss their experiences, problems encountered by students in day to day functioning of academic as well as administrative work. Grievances if any are shared with the principal and other members. Principal as head of the institute takes appropriate measures based on the issues raised. During the meetings the council is informed about future activities and events to be organized in the college. Their active participation in such events is expected. The student council thus forms an integral part of academic and administrative ambience of college.

Student Council Committee

Sr.No. Name of Student Designation
1 Prin. Mr. J. K. Patel Chairman
2 Kadam Abhiji  Shivaji Nominated By Principal
3 Pawar Alpika Ajay NSS Incharge
4 Tambe Nikhil Sanjay Sports Incharge
5 Yadav Saloni Sunil F.Y.B.A.
6 Wadal Prachi Ramdas F.Y.B.COM
7 More Vendant Vilas F.Y.BSC.
8 Darekar Avishkar Shridhar F.Y.BSC(CS)
9 Jangam Tushar Dipa S.Y.B.A.
10 Gavas Sanjan Subhash S.Y.B.COM
11 Nisad Rajkumar Santosh S.Y.BSC.
12 Warekar Ashish Vinayak S.Y.BSC(CS)
13 Pawar Prashant Baliram T.Y.B.A.
14 Gorivale Renuka Bharat T.Y.B.COM
15 Chalke Pratik Pradip T.Y.BSC.
16 Shigawan Samir Sanjay T.Y.BSC(CS)
17 Deshmukh Rushikesh Balu T.Y.B.A. Principal Nominee
18 Ambekar Shubhangi Bharat T.Y.B.COM Principal Nominee
19 Mutawalli Farhin Ayyub T.Y.BSC. N.S.S Representative
20 Burondkar Samrin Shoukat T.Y.B.A. Sports Representative
21 Mahadik Balkrishna Ramchandra T.Y.B.A. Cultural Representative

Student Council Committee

Sr.No. Years View
1 Student Councial-2015-16 View
2 Student Councial-2016-17 View
3 Student Councial-2017-18 View
4 Student Councial-2018-19 View
5 Student Councial-2019-20 View

Prof. V. Y. Chopade (Convenor)
Asst. Prof. in Economics
T. B. K. College, Bharne
Mobile No:-7083837600