The Department of English is established in 2004. The department offer undergraduate courses to B.A.

Kunbi Shikshan Prasark Sanstha’s Tukaram Baburao Kadam College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Bharne is established in 2004. The Department of English is started in 2004-2005. This new department started its journey with facing various challenges. The students of the department are from rural background. The department have offer Optional English and Compulsory English to the students. The department tries to give platform for the student learn English. To create interest among the student the department organize and conduct various activities.

  • B.A I [UG] : 2004
  • B.A -II [UG] : 2005
  • B.A-III [UG] : 2006
  • B.Com-I [UG] : 2011
  • To develop critical thinking in the students
  • The ability to express themselves clearly and comprehensively
  • To develop research skill among the students
  • To Recognize and engage the conflict and tensions
  • To Examine and analyse the representation of society
  • To understand social, political and social issues
  •  To enhanced appreciation and enjoyment of literature and langue

The Department has following Future Plan for the academic Year 2021-22:

  • To start Language Lab in till 2022
  • Celebrate English week in the year 2021-22
  • Organize Experts Lecture in the year 2021-22
  • English is a world langue and it is a media to connect world
  • It is an official langue in India
  • English is the key langue and all knowledge is store in this langue
  • This langue open various job opportunities in different field
  • English has two part language and literature; language section teaches student perfect in official language and literature teaches humanities

Bharne is rural, hilly area; the area is socially, economically backward. In this area K.S.P.Sanstha, Khed-Mumbai saw a seed of higher education with the intention and goal to educate the society for better tomorrow; this is a one kind of movement in this remote, isolated area where there is no source of education. With the starting of this college in Bharne; the English Department established in the year 2004-2005. The department has to face many challenges; the college is in rural area with rural background of the student; teaching English to that student is difficult process; another thing is creating interest for English learning is one more mile stone for the department.

The department found the scope in this critical situation; there is a scope to teach English language to the rural student; to introduce student with global world; to give student confidence, to encourage students, to inspire students to learn English language; there is a scope to introduce student with various opportunities etc. There is lot of scope to the department of English in this area.

  • Use of ICT based lectures
  • PPT & Video
  • Interview
Sr.No. Name of Faculty Tenure
1 Mr.Sandeep Patil 2004 to 2007
2 Mr. Sachin Bhaskar Kale 2008 to till date
Sr. NO. Name of Document View
1. F.Y.B.A Comulsory English View
2. F.Y.B.A English Paper-I View
3. S.Y.B.A English-II View
4. S.Y.B.A English-III View
5. T.Y.B.A English Paper No-IV View
6. T.Y.B.A English Paper No-V View
7. T.Y.B.A English Paper No-VI View