It has been said that mathematics is the language of science. Importance of the subject of mathematics is described in the quotation saying “Mathematics is the queen of all sciences”. These statements are certainly not exaggerations, because mathematics is a systematic method of understanding problems and logical argument for resolving the solution. All the scientific developments of pure science subjects solely depend on mathematics. Especially the subjects like physics and technology become crippled without mathematics. All the branches and sub-branches of all the sciences have to rely on mathematics for their progress.

Future plan should be student centric and promoting research culture in the department.

The following planning has been made for the next academic year 2021-22:

  • To increase the number of students in the department.
  • To prepare the models and study material.
  • To design small projects related to the curriculum.
  • To arrange guest lectures regularly.

Scope of the mathematics subject is all pervading. There is no field of life without mathematics. The subjects like commerce and economics cannot escape mathematics. We need to face mathematics at every stage of our daily routine. If we do not know simple calculation with numbers, then there is great chance that we will be deceived. The invention and evolution computers and internet in the last 50 years was impossible without mathematics. Mathematics is a compulsory subject from the primary education. The great Nepolean said “The development of a country depends on the development of mathematics”. The branches and sub-branches of mathematics are emerging day by day. One life is not sufficient to study only one branch of mathematics. In this era of technological evolution mathematics plays a key role. Applied subjects like engineering, economics, commerce, information and technology rely on mathematics. The branches of mathematics like calculus are tremendously applicable in dynamics, kinetics and kinematics. The subjects like operations research, game theory used in the decision making in industry. Modern mathematics like discrete mathematics, fuzzy logic, abstract algebra, topology, linear algebra is utilized in designing electronic devices like refrigerator and air conditioner. Even psychology and art also have their basis as mathematics. In the twentieth century, human brain has not only invented the atomic energy but conquered the solar system. Today all the fields of life need mathematics to flourish.

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