The Department of Commerce was established on 15 June 2011.

As an undergraduate on the non-grant basis and later, with affiliation to Mumbai University, Mumbai. The first batch of students was admitted in the year 2011 with an intake of 81 students.

Date of UG Subject: June 2011

  •  B.Com – First Year 2011-12
  • B.Com  – Second Year 2012 – 13
  • B.Com Third Year 2013-14-

The college has been established in the adverse conditions with the objectives of “Where there is a need, there is education” and “Education for poor students”.
In spite of several constraints, the department has been able to grow in enrolment, programmed options, infrastructure and visibility in the area. This has been due to meticulous planning, careful utilization of available resources, sincerity and dedication of teachers and staff and very responsive management. The involvement of teachers, staff and students and harmonious relationships between them has contributed to the building up of a good academic culture.
The students studying and passed out pride and boost for different achievements sought in life, jobs which have improved their conditions and given solace to their old uneducated parents.
Presently, the department enjoys the faculty strength of 3 regular teachers who are at times invited to supplement the regular teaching and interaction.  Despite the teaching problem in the early years, the department has grown into a full-fledged department.
Thus a great team spirit, anxiousness to promote education to the neglected, is key to our success. We strongly believe that in the competitive world of higher education topmost priority should be given to qualitative consideration.

  • The department proposes to start carrier “Computer Accounting Tally”
  • To start certificate course in “Financial Literacy”
  • To Start the B.Voc degree course in “ Accounting and Taxation”
  • The Department plans to start M.Com from Academic year 2021-22.
  • To Develop Commerce Lab.

These learning outcomes indicate that students will: 

  • Students would gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Commerce and Finance
  • The curriculum offers a number of specializations and practical exposures which would equip the student to face the modern-day challenges in commerce and business.
  • Students will learn relevant financial accounting, managerial accounting career skills, applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge to their future careers in business
  • Students will gain thorough systematic and subject skills within various disciplines of commerce, business, accounting, economics, finance, auditing and marketing.
  • Students will acquire skills like effective communication, decision making, problem-solving in day to day
  • Certificate Course in tax Procedure and Practice
  • Certificate Course in Account of Trust & Co-operative Societies
  • Certificate Course in computerized Accounting Tally Packages

‘’Commerce is the cure for the most destructive prejudices.” – Montesquieu

The commerce is a rich field and it has implementation and scope in almost all the factories, industries and business. In the context of the fast developing economy of India, the role of commerce and trade is not only crucial but also consequential for a mixed economy of natural, technological, traditional and cultural and all other potential resources. On the one side of economics and on the other side of management, commerce pervades national development in all its facets. Commerce as an acad6e1mic subject offered in tertiary education at Bachelor Degree level has been evolving itself commensurate with the changing lifestyles in the society over the years. Periodic changes in the three-year curriculum are therefore incumbent on the part of the institutions offering this programmed.
B.Com is a very important educational landmark. B.Com degree envisages a vast scope in the present social milieu. Employment in all sphere of commerce and trade, enlargement into professional areas such as Chartered and Cost Accounting, Business Management and Administration, Computer Application and higher academic education leading to Post-graduation and research. This is because it leads a student to higher education opportunities in the field of Business and commerce such as ACCA, CA, CS, ICWA, MCA, M.B, MBA and M.COM. It is also important in various fields it could lead to entry-level jobs in various companies as it is a pure financial, technical and managerial degree.
The scope of the commerce is very wide; it promotes people to engage in business activities. Scope of the commerce is changing day by day as the world is growing and the technology has changing rapidly It promote people to involved in the buying and selling, rendering services business and it is called the basic commerce. The scope of the business is changing rapidly now the production and manufacturing business is moving to the developing countries due to the low cost and cheap labor and the developed countries are exploring new fields for the business. Like Information Technology, Enable services, BPO, KPO, Medical Transpiration, and legal particular Transpiration.
Faculty of commerce provides exposure to the students to the entrepreneurial culture and industrial growth so as to set up and manage their own small units and implement economic principals in Business. The course enable the students to develop awareness about corporate Accounting, Management Accounting, and provision of company Acts. It also enable implement principles Management, Income Tax, Excise duty, Import-Export, and framework of Indian business Laws. Newly GST, CST & some latest subject in E- Commerce, BCA & MCA.
Besides all these streams, there is scope in Social Work and Service, Self-employment and ancillary work of technical assistance to professional practitioners as consultants. Therefore, the expectations of the employers from the higher education and social relevance have been considered in developing this curriculum.

Sr. No Name of the Teacher Qualification Designation
1 Mrs . Khatib N. S. (Head Of Department) M. A. ( Eco) Assi. Professor
2 Mr. Pingale M. V. M. Com Assi. Professor
3 Mr. Kambale N. S M. A. B.Ed Assi. Professor
4 Mr. Kale S. B. M. A. Assi. Professor
5 Mr. Nath P. C. M. Sc Assi. Professor
Sr. NO. Name of Document View
1. F.Y.B.Com. Business communication Sem I View
2. F.Y. B.Com-Business Economics I View
3. F.Y. B.Com-Foundation Course I View
4. F.-Y.-B.Com- Commerce Sem-I View
5. Environment Studies Sem I View
6. F.Y.B.Com-Accounting-and-Finance -Semester-I View
7. F.Y. B.Com-Business Communication Sem II View
8. F.Y. B.Com-Financial Accounting Sem II View
9. F.-Y.-B.-Com Business Eco. II View
10. F.-Y.-B.Com- Commerce Sem-II View
11. Environment Studies Sem II View
12. F.Y.B.Com-Foundation Course Sem II View
13. S.Y.B.Com Travel Tourism Management Sem III View
14. S.Y.B.Com-Commerce-Sem-III View
15. S.Y.B.Com-Semester-III- Business Economics View
16. S.Y.B.Com-Semester-III- F.C. View
17. S.Y.B.Com-Semester-III- Management Accounts View
18. S.Y.B.Com-Semester-III-Accountancy View
19. S.Y.B.Com-Semester-III-Business Law View
20. S.Y.B.Com Travel Tourism Management IV View
21. S.Y.B.Com-Commerce-Sem-IV View
22. S.Y.-B.Com-Semester IV Business Economics View
23. S.Y.B.Com-Semester IV Business Law II View
24. S.Y.B.Com-Semester -IV Foundation Course View
25. S.Y.B.Com-Semester- IV Financial Accounts View
26. S.Y.B.Com-Semester-IV Management Accounting And Auditing View
27. TYBCom-Sem V Financial Accounts View
28. TYBCom-Sem5 Business Eco View
29. TYBCom-Sem5 Cost Accounting View
30. TYBCom-Sem5 Marketing and HRM View
31. TYBCom-Sem5 Marketing Research View
32. TYBCom-Sem5 T.U.I.R View
33. TYBCom-Sem VI Financial Accounting View
34. TYBCom-Sem VI Business Economics View
35. TYBCom-Sem VI Cost Accounting View
36. TYBCom-Sem VI HRM View
37. TYBCom-Sem VI MR View
38. TYBCom-Sem VI TUIR View