Minority cell

 Minority cell is committed to provide an environment that support diversity n respect everyone regardless of colors, religious belief or cultures and also commits to ensuring protection of everyone including minorities and acting as per the provision of constitution of India in such matters.

  • To ensure provision for an environment where all such student save and secure.
  • To empower the faculty and student belongs to minority.
  • To handle the issue and short and long term need of the minority

The minority cell has student and faculty belongs to minority religion including Christion,Muslim,Jain etc. For their spiritual requirements and academic development.

Sr.NO Faculty Name Designation Position in the committee
1 Mr.Patel.J.K PRINCIPAL Chairperson
2 Mr.Kondekar.Z.AH Assistant professor Convener
3 Mr.Chopade.V.Y Assistant professor Member
4 Miss.Sodi.R.HS Assistant professor Member
5 Mr.Baikar.S.B Clerk Member